“Caroline Argyle has done a great Job on my personal fitness and my inspiration to exercise. A genuine person and a genuine friend who will stick by you even after the commercial aspects of her work are finished” – Alastair Dobbie ( Chiswick Riverside Virgin Active Classic UK)


“I am writing in regards to Ms. Caroline Argyle. Caroline was originally recommended to me by Mark Reynolds as he felt her broad expertise would be beneficial in helping me regain my fitness following a protracted recovery from a knee injury.

Caroline has been my Personal Trainer since November 2012 and from the start I was impressed not only with her expertise, but also her attention to detail to ensure that my knee was always properly aligned etc. during the sessions. Caroline has put together a training schedule for me which includes not only gym activities, but also sessions in the pool since I am an avid scuba diver.

This diversity in exercise has really helped keep me motivated and I am much fitter than before working with Caroline. She has also reviewed my dietary habits and gives me “special” exercises which I can do when I am away on holiday.

I would recommend Caroline to anyone seeking a Personal Trainer to not only motivate them, but to tailor their exercise regime to not only their health&fitness requirements and objectives, but also their “time circumstances” (i.e. if they travel etc.)” – Frances Goloway ( Chiswick Riverside Virgin Active Classic UK- March 2013)


“In may 2005, I approached Caroline and asked her to train my son, Stuart. Stuart is a high-functioning autistic teenager. I explained his condition to Caroline and she agreed to take Stuart on as a client. Caroline went out of her way to learn more about Autism so that she could effectively train Stu. She trained him from May 2005 to July 2007. The difference it has made to Stuart is remarkable.

At the start of his training he weighed 48kg (underweight) and was noticeably stooped. He now weighs 69kg, and his posture has improved. Over and above the obvious physical benefits, this has increased Stuart’s confidence and self-esteem. He has become more socially adept and finds it easier to communicate with people. Caroline also encouraged him to follow a healthier eating plan.

I also did several sessions with Caroline and although she is friendly, Caroline is professional and is firm with her clients. I consider Caroline to be an empathetic individual who takes a keen interest in every aspect of her clients’ well-being.

I have recommended her to other people knowing that she would take as much interest in them as she did with Stuart. It was with sadness that we said goodbye to Caroline and it is a testament to the person she is that she still contacts us for regular updates on Stuart’s progress. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a trainer.” – Kirsty Pratt ( Kloof Virgin Active- September 2007)


“I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline as a Personal Trainer in fact I am sure she is one of the best in the world! Caroline works with the whole person – this is because she has a Holistic approach to fitness and to her clients. 

She is very conscientious and open to learning new things and techniques. This makes her an “ on the ball” and dynamic Leader. She is easy to respect because she takes the time and trouble to know her subject in depth and also to get to know the subject (i.e. specific client) she is dealing with. 

She is strong on technique and will put her client right when their posture is poor or they are not doing the exercises correctly. However, she has a sense of humour, compassion and takes a healthy interest in the person she is training.

You never feel as if she is counting the minutes whilst with you. I am very pleased that I met Caroline when I did. Having just suffered trauma, I found her very easy to relate to in the gym. She taught me a lot. I was devastated when she told me that she was leaving.

I feel that I lost more than my Personal Trainer. I lost a good friend too. However, Durban’s loss is Johannesburg’s gain.” – Gillian Jean Diplock (Kloof Virgin Active- September 2007)