Train in the privacy of your home, place of work or at my studio.

I will deliver you exciting and effective personal training sessions at my private studio in Kloof and at your home or outdoors in the surrounding area.

I am a results based/driven trainer who will deliver you, your results in the most efficient way with tailored programs to suit your personality and needs.

I believe in helping my clients work towards overall wellness (healthy mind, body, and soul)
In order to achieve this we need to implement small achievable lifestyle goals and find a delicate balance between exercise, work, rest, nutrition and spiritual or personal time.

During our sessions, I will help educate my client about exercise and nutrition in order to help promote their independence and prevent them becoming reliant on always having a trainer with them in order to exercise and eat correctly.

Sessions /packages

  • One on one, duet and small group Personal Training and Pilates (mat work, reformer and chair)
  • Corporate training ,team building, corporate massage
  • Learn to Swim Coaching
  • Group Exercise Instructor –Spinning , Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, boot camp/ functional training
  • Walk/running single or group sessions
  • Pre/post event Sport Massage
  • Race day Sport Massage
  • Sport massage / deep tissue massage for general population athletes and non-athletes

Special interests

Weight loss, toning and sculpting, muscle hypertrophy, special needs (autism ,down syndrome etc), eating disorders, addiction, depression, pre/post natal, children, elderly ,sport specific (swimming, cycling, horse riding, golf ,running etc) ,diabetes ,poly cystic ovary symptom / insulin resistance , hypo thyroid , rehabilitation from injury/sickness.

Personal training

My technique and training methods all will be unique to my client’s goals, injuries and personality.
I believe in keeping our sessions fun, functional, challenging, progressive and fit for purpose.

Together we will, blast your fat, increase your metabolism, strengthen and tone/build your muscles.
The equipment we will use, will again depend on my clients, goals, personality, injuries and fitness level varying from the classical barbells and dumbbells to functional equipment such as TRX suspension trainers, battle ropes, kettle bells, sandbags, medicine balls.

An Initial (there after 4-6 week), medical questionnaire, fat assessment, girth measurements, fitness test, goal setting, dietary overview and advice.

Scientifically structured personalised program.

Personalised, Fun, effective, progressive personal training sessions with postural and technique advice.

Regular weigh in with nutritional monitoring and advice.

Sport massage

I have a unique technique using the base deep tissue muscle specific methods from my Studies and merging in techniques I have learnt from conventions and other professional massage therapists while in the UK.

  • Private, clean, peaceful environment
  • Professional massage oils
  • Deep tissue, muscle specific massage with the option of 30 / 60 / 90 minute sessions
  • Professional massage
  • Mobile plynth available for sport events and corporate health days


My Pilates training is based on the New York method (classic Pilates) using matt work and large apparatus.

With my mobile sessions I offer matt work Pilates, and at my studio we will incorporate large apparatus (reformer and chair) as well as matt work into your Pilates sessions.

The first session is usually a grounding session, introducing the basic principles eg breathing, spine and pelvic positioning, TA activation, control, precision etc.

I do not believe in large group Pilates sessions as often seen in the corporate gyms .For me safety is key, especially when working with the spine as we do in Pilates. I offer one on one personalised or small group sessions sessions focusing on re aligning and rebalancing the body, and strengthening your weaknesses.

Nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Group Training

Gather together a small group of people friends/family with similar training goals
These are fun and functional with a competitive edge.

These range from boot camp functional fat blasting workouts to more sedentary Pilates or aqua aerobic sessions.

I am available on a freelance bases for private/corporate gyms needing an experienced fill in instructor for aqua aerobics, spinning, Pilates or boot camp classes
Contact for further info on current group specials.